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What would you do if you had a burst pipe in your home ?, where is your stoptap located ?, Can you find it ? Will it work ?.

Wouldn't it be so much easier if you could turn off mains water as easily as you turn your lights off?

The Surestop range of stopcocks and water switches do just that, quickly and easily. The Surestop is easy to install, typically in less than an hour and is operated by water pressure so it needs no batteries or electricity. With a Surestop fitted you can turn water off not only in an emergency but every time you leave home.

In December 2010 there were over 100,000 insurance claims in the UK for burst pipes and water leaks at an average cost of £6700. As a result many insurance companies now place an excess of over £250 on escape of water claims. Leaving aside the distress it causes, it makes financial sense for homeowners to make sure they can turn their mains water off.

Get a Surestop fitted and make sure that you're protected from the risk of water damage in your home.

I am registered with Surestop as a Platinum Installer and in July 2013 visited the factory in Birmingham where they are made, I was astonished to find out that every single valve was tested (some were tested twice) before leaving the factory, I was amazed just how easy these switches are to operate, it’s as easy as switching off a light switch and because they operate remotely via two small tubes they can be installed virtually anywhere so you can get at them easily in an emergency.

The installation consists of fitting a small valve above your existing stoptap to which the two small tubes are fitted, (the tubes are housed in a flexible casing very similar to a 2.5mm electrical cable) the tubes are then fed to the switch you can see on the photo above which can be wall mounted, sunk into the wall or situated just inside your sink cabinet wherever it will be easy to get at it.

I have heard recently that British Gas charge £165.00 to supply and install this product, before you sign anything please contact me as I could save you a whole load of money, I highly recommend this product and can honestly say have never encountered any problems with them. Just give me a call or send me an email if you are interested or download the brochure here.