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I have 20 years of gas hob, gas range, gas oven & gas cooker service & installation experience in and around the Leicestershire area and always provide a high quality service and at a reasonable cost, I have been Corgi registered since 1993 and listed on the Gas Safe Register since 2009.

I believe that having your gas cooking appliance inspected and serviced once a year is highly important to ensure that it is working safely and efficiently, gas leaks are dangerous and can cause explosions, carbon monoxide you cannot smell, see or taste but it is just as lethal, if your appliance is burning too much gas it can be wasteful and expensive, but most of all dangerous, a series of tests are necessary to ensure that your appliance is safe to use and afterwards a Gas Safety Record will be issued for your peace of mind, not only does the appliance get checked but also the electrical and ventilation requirements are given the once over.

My customers are always happy to provide me with positive feedback for my services and I use this to ensure I am always improving,  if the flames on your hob or oven looks like the picture above on the right then please do not use the appliance and get it serviced now !!.

There are a number of leaflets you can download by clicking the following links.

Who can legally work on a gas appliance

Landlords Responsibilities

Gas Safe consumer leaflet